In 2017, I lost my uncle due to cancer.

It was a tough moment for me.

My uncle and I were “mountain junkies,” as we liked to say.

We used to spend our weekends doing epic hikes up the mountains together.

It was our way to escape the stress, chaos, and noise of the day-to-day life.

I can’t really pinpoint exactly what is about being up in the mountains…

It’s a feeling that can’t be described nor forgotten. 

It almost seems as if time slows down and nothing else matters except for what’s right in front of you.

Leaving you satisfied, but always craving a little more.

It was in moments like these where we found ourselves the most at peace.

Those hikes became more than just adventures; they were moments of connection, healing, and beauty. 

I realized mountains bring people together, helping us face life's challenges. 

Inspired by my love for hiking, I wanted to create a community where others could feel the same. 

And so, Summit Squad was born.

Summit” evokes the thrill of reaching the top. 

Squad" reinforces the idea of a close-knit community of hikers.

Whether scaling peaks or navigating life's twists and turns… 

We stand together as a squad, ready to conquer new heights and embrace the beauty of the mountains.

I’m excited for this movement and we’re just getting started!